Graduation Requirements

Assumption University confers the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Business Administration) upon students who meet all the requirements as follows:

  • Have completed 72 credit hours
  • Have completed all coursework with a minimum of 36 credits
  • Have obtained a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.00
  • Have passed the proficiency test of English
  • Have passed two rounds of the qualifying examinations
  • Have passed the dissertation defense
  • Have the dissertation published or have obtained an acceptance of publication in a journal or academic publication which has the peer review
  • Submission of completed and bound dissertation to the Office of Graduate Studies
  • Have obtained library and financial clearance from the University
  • Have good behavior and discipline

Research Workshop
The research workshop is a compulsory program activity held during the summer session which provides training for Ph.D. students in research methods. The research workshop is focused on enhancing the research skills of students especially in the building of a research framework, methodology, and student's skills in writing literature reviews. The workshop includes lectures, seminars, and research presentations lasting for a period of two months. Students are expected to be able to produce a original research proposal by the end of the workshop.